He3 milestone release: Web version tool, clipboard previewer, semantic search capability

We are thrilled to announce that He3 Toolbox has reached another milestone! This update brings many new features to make your data processing and analysis work more convenient.

The biggest highlight of this update is the support for using the tool in a web browser. In addition, we also added support for:

• Clipboard previewer • Client-side zooming • Tool can be opened in a separate window • Enhanced search capability with semantic search • Improved data synchronization ability • Bug fixes for the tool and a series of new tools added

Web version of He3 tools released

We are pleased to announce that He3 Toolbox now supports web-based usage! You can use He3 Toolbox on any device that supports modern web browsers, although due to technical reasons, some tools can only be used on the client-side for now.

The link to the web version of the tool is: https://portal.he3app.com/

Clipboard Previewer

In the new version, we have also added a Clipboard Previewer. It not only records the history but also previews different data types in the clipboard. Additionally, it supports remote synchronization, allowing access to previously copied content on any device.

We will introduce the detailed features of the clipboard previewer separately in the future.

Client support for scaling and zooming

For users who use 4K, 5K, and large screens, the client’s scaling function is a must-have. This feature optimizes the user experience of He3 on high-resolution and large screens, and solves the problem of small font size in the past.

Tools support opening in independent windows

We have added a new feature that allows tools to be opened in independent windows outside of the main interface, making it possible to use multiple tools simultaneously for multitasking or to use tools independently across multiple screens.

The enhancement of He3’s search capability is also a major highlight of this update. Previously, the search could only perform keyword matching based on the tool’s name and was unable to understand semantic search. In this update, we have added support for semantic search, which can more accurately find the tools you need.

Semantic search is currently in beta. If you encounter any issues or have new suggestions, please feel free to submit issues to us:https://github.com/he3-app/he3-feedback/issues

Remote synchronization of tool password input box

For tools that require a password input box, such as PGP signing tool, you need to re-enter the password every time you open it. To solve this problem, we have added the function of synchronizing the password input box of the tool. The password will be automatically filled in the next time you open the tool. In addition, it also supports synchronizing saved passwords between multiple devices.

New tools added

CSS Conversion Tools

The newly added CSS conversion tools are:

  1. Base64 to CSS
  2. CSS Compression
  3. CSS to JavaScript Object
  4. CSS to Base64
  5. CSS to Stylus
  6. Less Minify
  7. Less Prettify
  8. JavaScript Object to CSS
  9. SASS to CSS
  10. SCSS to CSS
  11. Stylus Minify
  12. CSS Formatting

Floating point number conversion.

Image EXIF Extractor

Issues Feedback and Contributors

We would like to express our gratitude to the following contributors who provided valuable feedback for He3.

IssuesIssues Contributors
JSON Formatting: Fix JSON serialization truncating the precision of Long@ggbala
JSON Path: Fix data output errors in JSON Path@gauson89
Text Comparison: Suggest adding file reading function in Text Diff@gauson89
Timestamp Converter: Add microsecond and nanosecond units in Timestamp Converter@GitHubkshcode
Base Converter: Add binary decimal conversion function@suwia
Add XML to Java Bean toolfrom WeChat public account message
UUID/ULID/NANOID Generator: Remove hyphens after generating uuidfrom WeChat public account message
SQL Formatting: Error occurred while formatting SQLfrom WeChat public account message
Float Base Conversion: Add function to convert float to different bases@MrAccle
Image Resizing: Error occurred when resizing large images in image resizing toolfrom WeChat group - Evolving into a Folded-Ear Bear in the Abyss
Timestamp Converter: Adjust output order in Timestamp Conversion tool@hongchaodeng
JSON Formatting: Fix low efficiency and slow processing speed when formatting large and long JSON strings@hongchaodeng
Password Generator: Password generator can now generate phrases@alctny
SQL Formatting: Fix inconsistency in capitalization of SQL keywordsfrom WeChat group
SQL Formatting: Error occurred while formatting SQL@hongchaodeng
UTC to Timestamp Converter: UTC to Timestamp Converter not workingfrom WeChat group
Add SQL to any query function@Nomango
XML Formatting: Fix bug in XML Pretty causing loss of formatted content@hongchaodeng
JSON to Kotlin Class: JSON to Kotlin Class does NOT work as expected@STRRL
UUID/ULID/NANOID Generator: Add support for multiple uuid typesfrom Discourse
JWT Parser: JWT Parser payload and header display boxes cannot be extended@cuibty
SQL Formatting: Extra spaces in SQL formattingfrom WeChat group
AES Encryption/Decryption: Add aes encryption/decryption with offset@hongchaodeng

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