He3 Toolbox Upgraded for More Convenience and Flexibility

The He3 toolbox has been upgraded again! This time we have added a number of functions to bring more convenience to your data processing and analysis.

We continue to improve the performance and functionality of Toolbox to provide you with superior tools and an unrivaled experience

Show recently used tools for easy access

When no search is entered in the search box, a dedicated area will appear listing the user’s three most recent tools. Our clear layout and design make it easy for users to see recently used tools at a glance, providing easier access.

Semantic search speed improvement

Various optimizations improve search efficiency and response time, improve algorithms and index structures, and optimize the front-end interface. Provide users with a faster and more efficient search experience.

Add Tailwind template to make development tools easier

The He3 toolbox has added Tailwind templates for more convenience and flexibility. Quickly build modern responsive interfaces using popular CSS frameworks. Easily design and layout to enhance user experience. Whether it’s a simple tool or a complex application, He3 Toolbox’s Tailwind templates help you build great interfaces.

Clipboard previewer function iteration

  1. The local history of the clipboard of the previewer is increased to 2000
  2. Provide a switch that can be turned on/off at any time
  3. Added user guidance and function introduction for the first entry

Enrich the description and keywords of all tools

The description generated based on the source code of the tool is more accurate, and the search results are more accurate.

Switch languages ​​to dynamically obtain language packs

Dynamically obtain language packs by switching languages ​​to speed up the first loading speed. Only load the language pack selected by the user, reducing network requests and resource consumption. Provide flexibility and scalability to quickly respond to user needs.

Add tools

Add image watermark tool

Our tool now supports text and image watermarks, with options to edit the watermark position and size. You can conveniently add watermarks on images to protect the copyright and identity of your work. By customizing the position and size, you can ensure the visual impact and proper presentation of your watermark. This new feature will give you more creative options and the ability to protect your content. Make your work more unique and professional! Tool link: https://t.he3app.com?701r

Image EXIF ​​Editor

We’ve launched a brand new image EXIF ​​editor that allows you to easily edit and adjust your photos’ metadata information. You can modify EXIF ​​data such as shooting date, camera model, geographic location, and add custom watermarks and descriptions. This easy-to-use tool enables you to personalize and manage your photos. Tool link: https://t.he3app.com?2m3r

customer feedback

IssuesIssues Contributors
Clipboard function off or on@TopChina
Persistence of zoom page functionFrom WeChat group
Open more tabs@kzxuan
Text analysis BUG: Chinese character statistics error@newilux
Small flaws in RSA encryption and decryption@cokyrain
JSON to Struct : inexact match for time type@alctny
Add JSON string double quote escape function and reverse escape function@zhanggang807
URL decoding without URL parameters@fengzidk
After encoding with Base64 image/file encoding tool, the style is directly pushed out of the interface@Penggeor
Lack of XML formatting@MrAccle

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